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RCM Certificate

RCM Certificate

Australia and New Zealand RCM Certification

Australia and New Zealand’s Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) certification is controlled by Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), and is mandatory for all electrical products, other than certain “low-risk”, non-wireless, battery powered devices. This mark covers disciplines of safety, EMC, telecom, and wireless testing. The three previous marks (A-Tick, C-Tick, RCM mark) have now been consolidated and replaced with the one single RCM mark.

Testing for RCM mark generally is not required to be done in Australia or New Zealand, in fact most foreign reports are accepted.If the product is deemed high risk for areas of EMC and Wireless disciplines (e.g.Products usingradio frequency energy generated for the treatment of material), then EMC/Wireless testing must be conducted by an accredited lab.Documentation illustrating compliance with the requirements for RCM must be submitted to an authorized agent in Australia/New Zealand, whom then issues a formal Declaration of Conformity for the product. Authorized agents must be registered as suppliers in the Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council (ERAC) database.

Products that are over 50Vac or 120Vdc should comply with applicable safety standards. Products that are considered medium to high risk for safety (which is a different criteria than risk levels defined for EMC/wireless disciplines), must be tested by a recognized certification body. The product(s), when determined to be compliant must then be registered on the ERAC database.


What is the RCM scheme for Australia & New Zealand

Scheme: RCM compliance (previously C-tick, A-tick)

Region: Australia and New Zealand

Regulator: Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)

Description: Electrical and electronic products sold into the Australian and New Zealand market must be RCM compliant and must undergo RCM testing. This involves 5 areas of compliance:

EMC testing (Electromagnetic Compatibility)

EMR testing (Electromagnetic Radiation)

Radiofrequency communications testing (Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) for New Zealand)

Telecommunications testing

Safety testing

The RCM label can only be used when the product complies with all applicable mandatory standards.

RCM (Regulatory Compliance Mark) – Australian & New Zealand compliance requirements

Local responsible supplier required for any ACMA RCM applicable product. Suppliers of products under the ERAC scope must have an ABN in order to register as suppliers. Products not under the ERAC scope can be supplied through a local RCM supplier agent acting on their behalf.

Relevant RCM test reports must be held by the supplier as evidence of compliance with the relevant RCM standards.

All suppliers must register on the ACMA / ERAC National Database. Supplier registration is free of charge for ACMA registration.

Suppliers must register on the ACMA/ERAC National Database and if mandatory RCM safety standards apply, they must also register the product on the database.

Suppliers must complete and sign an RCM Declaration of Conformity Statement which lists all the applicable RCM standards which the product complies with. (EMC, EMR, Wireless, Telecoms, Electrical Safety).

C-tick and A-tick were phased out by the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) in March 2016.

The RCM label must be affixed to the product after compliance has been established prior to supply in the Australian or New Zealand market. Affixing the RCM label prior to compliance and also not keep records as required may be an offense under the law. Click here to download the RCM label

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