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SALEEM-SABER Certificate of Conformity for Exports to Saudi Arabia

SALEEM-SABER Certificate of Conformity for Exports to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Org. Introduces Saber Electronic System for Businesses

What's Saber?

"Saber" system is an electronic service developed by SASO that helps you receive your E-Certificates of Conformity for products

conforming to Saudi standards and specifications.

About Saber

Saber is a platform that allows the investors and local manufacturer to electronically issue the required Certificate of Conformity and certificate of Shipment conformity for consumer Goods whether it was imported or locally manufactured to enter the Saudi market. The platform aims to protect the businesses from fraud and ensure that products are free from defects that may affect the health and safety of consumers.

Saber platform was developed under the supervision of the Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization in cooperation with THIQAH business services company to operate and develop the platform according to the highest standards level of efficiency in quick registration, as well as in saving the beneficiaries time.


The Affiliates Entities:

Saudi General Customs Authority.

Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization.

Ministry of Commerce and Investment.

Conformity bodies.

Saber Features

Business and Consumers Protection

From the nonconformity products with the standards and preventing forged products.


Facilitate and reduce the required time for the product clearance by the Saudi Customs Authority

Accelerate procedures

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FAQ'S About Saber:

1.For electronically issuing the required Certificate of Conformity and Certificate of Shipment conformity for consumer products whether it was imported or locally manufactured.

2.Why should I get a certificate of conformity?

To make sure that the product is complying with Saudi technical specifications, and does not affect the health and safety of the consumer.

3.Is there any other authority that provide Saudi certificate of conformity for local and overseas products?

The only authority that is authorized to issue certificates of conformity is SASO and its branches.

4.How can I know the accredited conformity authority by SASO?

By checking the list of conformity authorities listed on SASO website or Saber portal.

5.What are the documents required to get the certificate of conformity?

Please review the products technical list on Saber.

6.Does issuing procedures of certificate of conformity are electronic?

Yes, the procedures of issuing a certificate of conformity are all electronic.

7.Do Products manufactured inside KSA and been sold within KSA require certificates of conformity?

Yes, the manufacturer or distributor must apply for certificate of conformity for local manufactured products that are sold in the Saudi marke

8.Do Products manufactured inside KSA and been sold outside KSA require certificates of conformity?

No, Products manufactured inside KSA and been sold outside KSA do not require certificates of conformity.

9.Is there any fees to issue a certificate of conformity?

Yes, certificate fees are 500 SR for each one.

10.What falls on the party that does not issue a certificate of conformity? (What falls on the supplier or trader who does not get a certificate of conformity?)

If the products certificate of conformity was not issued, the products will be banned from entering Saudi Arabia.

11.What is the time frame required to get a certificate of conformity?

Time frame differ depending on the product, however; the certificate will be issued immediately upon completion of uploading required data by the conformity authority.

12.How long will take to register a supplier/trader?

Supplier and trader will be registered immediately after completing necessary registration data.

13.Can I refund certificate fees in case of non-conformity?

No, certificate fees cannot be refunded after payment.

14.What is profession practice number or activity number?

Supplier or trader will provide it, and the Commercial Registration number is considered enough if available.

15.Who is the communication officer?

The responsible and authorized person by the conformity authority or supplier, and his role the link between SASO and conformity authority or supplier during acceptance, and he is responsible to answer any inquires raised by SASO.

16.How can I get Saudi specifications for a certain product?

Through SASO or Saber website.

17.What are the products that should be registered in Saber?

All products that are being sold in the Saudi market whether imported or produced local. The Products vary according to its riskiness and it is enough to raise products safety for risk-free products only.

18.Who is the supervisory authority of Saber service?


19.Based on Saber's database of local manufacturers, is it possible to support local manufacturers in coordination with relevant authorities to export these products externally?

20.The Saber database will be available to all relevant government agencies and will be one of the fields of bilateral recognition between the Kingdom and the countries targeted for export.

21.Does the trader have to register products that have been issued certificates of grant from government agencies corresponding to the SASO?

The counterparties of the SASO shall be considered as one of the corresponding assessment bodies. Therefore, all regulated products must be registered in Saber and approved by the conformity assessment authority.

22.Is test report which was submitted during the application for a certificate of conformity enough?

Test reports are generally accepted in any conformity assessment procedures if the design of the product does not change during the validity period of the report and is limited to a minimum of three years.

23.If the certificate of conformity issued for product manufactured in China, can the trader use the same certificate for the same product but is manufactured in another country?

No, because the place of manufacturing changed.

24.There are spare parts required only when the customer requests, such as a customer complains of a malfunction in a device he buys. The company requires the part from out of KSA. Does the company have to pay the value of the confarmity certificate which will raise the value to the customer?

This is considered a special case and customs are handled directly for import.

25.If spare parts for cars are imported from more than one country from several suppliers and thus more than one certificate issued a certificate of conformity to the model in Saber, can be issued one certificate of shipment of these pieces if they will be issued from a single shipping port?

Yes, taking the consideration the requirements of the General Authority for Customs in respect of shipping ports.

26.Does the factory have the right to request the issuance of a certificate of recognition of the IECEE certificate or is it the validity of the importer? Or is it the validity of either?

The supplier or manufacturer can request a certificate for the IECEE certificate

27.Are sanitary ware considered non-regulated?

No, it is one of the products targeted by the technical regulations issued by the Authority.

28.Are there companies that import tens of thousands of spare parts? How can it be facilitated?

There will be account managers by the operator of Saber to facilitate the addition of products to senior traders.

29.Products with a water saving card, are they exempted from Saber's costs?

No. Because the ration card is not a safety certificate.

30.What is the procedure? If the supplier sends a shipment with a certificate of conformity and is not registered in the Saber system, will we be able to clear the shipment?

No, the shipment will be re-exported.

31.Who are the parties required to register the system, are they the supplier, the deliverer and the importer, please explain.

Binding is the local trader (importer) and the local factory only.

32.What are the products and categories that require registration in Saber?

Saber will cover all consumer products whether regulated or classified as non-subject and require the issuance of a local product model certificate (non-regulated). Regulated products can be accessed through the TRA website, and Saber facilitates registration by providing classifications When you register.

33.What information / documents are required to obtain a product compliance certificate?

The requirements of the technical regulations for the products to be imported and the conformity assessment procedures to be complied with must be studied and understood in detail. For technical regulations click here.

34.Is there a subscription fee?

No, there is no subscription fee to the Saber portal.

35.Should the trader register raw materials in Saber knowing that these materials will be used to manufacture the product locally?

Raw materials do not need to be registered, and are considered unregulated.

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