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GOST-R Certificate

GOST-R Certificate

GOST R Certificates and Declarations

According to the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) law all products manufactured in the EAEU or imported into its territory must pass the assessment of conformity of compliance with the requirements of the EAEU technical regulations.

However, technical regulations of the EAEU have not yet been developed for some groups of products. Therefore, conformity of such goods is confirmed within national certification systems of the Union member-states. In Russia, the GOST R system is used.

The GOST R system of certification implies two types of compliance documents: the GOST R Declaration of conformity and the GOST R Certificate of conformity (hereinafter — GOST R Declaration, GOST R Certificate).

GOST R Certificate and GOST R Declaration are the documents confirming that the product meets the requirements of the national (GOST), interstate and international standards (ISO, IEC, etc.), technical specifications.

These documents are required for import into Russia and sale in Russia of products within the scope of  the GOST R system.

The list of goods covered by the GOST R system is established by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 982 dated December 1, 2009.

This list includes, for example:

medical devices,

lithium-ion batteries,

high-voltage equipment,


In the Russian Customs, there are 2 types of documents can be used :

1.Mandatory GOST Certificates
2. Exemption Letters.
The list of products, where Certification is not necessary, is published by Government Customs Committee every half of the year. For such products “Letter of Exemption” has to be presented, it is issued by special institution of Certification (VNIIS). In this letter it is set a number of contract and Invoice, quantity of products for delivery and so on. 

This Certificate is for manufacturers, arranging single delivery of products to Russia. To get such Certificate – you will not need to present samples, only documentation is required. This is the cheapest option of Certification, it can be used if there is an appropriate customer in Russia and it is issued for exact quantity of products.
Foreign manufacturer cannot use this Certificate for sale of his products to other customer.
To get such Certificate it is necessary :
*The list of products for Certification and International Customs Tariff codes.
*Quantity of products for delivery.
*Technical information about products – specification has to be presented on 2-3 pages.
*Information about import-company, including address, telephone and contact person.
*Copy of export-import contact.
*Copy of Invoice.

Certificate for Serial production during 3 year

- Any manufacturer from any country can get such Certificate.
- One of the necessary conditions is to arrange inspectors visit for checking

  production process and getting products samples.
- Certificate is valid only for products listed there. All other products of this

   manufacturer cannot be delivered to Russia with this Certificate.
- To get this Certificate it is necessary to check level of production, products

   quality and its hygienic features.
- Certificate is valid during 3 years.
According to the valid legislation in Russian Federation, every year Certificate Body has to make “Annual Inspecting Control” .

This Certificate for serial production – but it is valid during 1 year only. To get such Certificate it is necessary:
*visit of inspectors is not necessary, that helps to avoid some expenses and it makes this option cheaper.
*products samples have to be tested to find out quality level (If products cannot be brought to Test Laboratory, it is checked through technical documentation.)
*official documents of manufacturer including company registration, brand, copy of ISO 9000 Certificate, Official records from local Chamber of Commerce indicating main activities of the company.
Usage of Certificate during 1 year is similar to 3 year one, the difference is only in duration. 


Process for GOST-R

Firstly, address to our nearest office by phone, fax or email.
*You will fill-in some special forms – we will need to get detailed information and replies to all our questions!
*Technical documentation can be received in written or sent by email or through Internet.
*You will send us copies of valid certificates (ISO 9000 and so on)
Attention! Important information!
If you did not fulfill 3 items mentioned above, we cannot calculate the price for Certification of your company.
*After dealing with your documentation, we will send you commercial offer with all the terms, conditions and price for Certification.
*If you agree with our offer, we will send typical contract.
*After signing of contract and pre-payment , in 10-15 days inspectors from Moscow will visit your company to make analysis of production.
*Before inspectors come you will get the list of documents to be prepared for their visit.
*Inspectors will work during 1-2 days and manager of quality department will have to reply their questions.
*Inspectors will choose some samples for testing of products quality in Moscow. After testing of products, Certificate will be issued during 10-15 days.
*After Certificate delivery you will have to pay last 50% of total price.
*Certificate price includes air-tickets for inspectors, their accommodation, business travel allowance, Russian guide service. All these items will be provided by our staff. You will get complete Certificate! All the expenses for sample delivery are not included into the total price!

Now,we company can finished it in 10 days around for GOST-R. 

Do we product need GOST-R Certificate?

List of documents required for certification: 

1.  Application form

2.  Product information: HS code, types, quantities and relevant production


3.  Manufacturer information

4.  Product description, technical specifications, application scope and


5.  Export-import contact with Russia importer (if signed, pls provide)

6.  Letter of guarantee from a manufacturer 

7.  Inspection or test report made by the manufacturer or test lab.

8.  Certification of ISO9001 (if you have, pls provide)

9.  Russian label sample

10. Pictures or photos of the product.


Background For GOST-R

    With the intention of protecting the Health & Safety of their people, the Russian Government enacted legislation during 1993, requiring many products to be certified and introduced the GOST-R system of certification.
    In order to gain access to the Russian Market, these goods must be accompanied by the original or by the certified copy of the Conformity Certificate and the GOST-R Mark of Conformity which is checked by Russian Customs.
    As from the 1st July 1998 Russian language labeling concerning the product and any peculiarities that could be dangerous to the consumer or user must be included.

    GOST-R certification covers a wide range of products including industrial, mechanical, electrical and also consumer products such as food, cosmetics and toys.


About GOST-R Certificate

    In order to be allowed onto the Russian market, numerous products are subject to Russian mandatory certification. The most common documents needed for Russia are the GOST-R Certificate of Conformity (COC) or Declaration of Conformity (DOC) assuring compliance with Russian safety requirements.
The GOST-R system is monitored jointly by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (abbreviated as Rostekhregulirovaniye) and Federal Customs Service of Russia. A Certificate of Conformity as well as Declaration of Conformity is a written confirmation that products meet Russian safety regulations and is required at point of entry for Customs clearance (CoC only) as well as a prerequisite for placing the product onto the Russian market (CoC or DoC). CoC is issued and DoC is required with a Certification Body.
   The mandatory GOST R certificate, including the serial production GOST-R Certificate of Conformity is issued following technical evaluation of your Company's products to ensure compliance to Russian safety regulations. The evaluation procedure may include evaluation of technical documentation, surveillance visits, sampling, analysis, type testing, factory audits and sometimes certification of your quality management system.

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