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What is the process of SONCAP for packaging machines?

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Simply speaking, the packing machine is a kind of equipment that specially assists the worker to pack the product. It is very important to save the human cost and the time cost. If such a well used product is exported to Nigeria, it is necessary to deal with the SONCAP certification in Nigeria, but how should it be carried out? There's something to say in the JCT editor.

Precautions of packing machine for SONCAP certification

1、If it is to provide an effective product test report.

This period of validity is generally 2 years, and the data documents required at this time are complete. If you want a product test or Factory review, you need to assess the certification cycle with the test situation and Factory review.


2、If the certificate needs to be replaced

We need to prepare the latest safety test report, which should be the latest IEC standard, product name and type. The report needs to be consistent with the certificate.

Packaging machine SONCAP certification process

The two step process includes: 

1Product Certification

2SONCAP Certification

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